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Techno Mobile Releases Camon 11 Pro

Techno Mobile Releases Camon 11 Pro

The techno mobile company has finally released the new smartphones, the CAMON 11 and CAMON 11 PRO for a bright and clear selfie with high quality.

The new products of the techno mobile company will join the Camon series which includes the Camon x and the Camon cm models and will also delight fans go to the genre of the self-portrait. This camon11 uses an improved artificial intelligence technology and has a super notch screen that has been upgraded with multitasking software.

The two phones offer a better user experience to the customers since they are new on the market. The phones have been priced at 23999 together with a64GB ROM and a 6GB ram for the Camon 11 pro. For the Camon 11, it has been priced at 14999 with a 32GB read-only-memory as well as a 3GB ram.

The two devices were launched at the Serena hotel in is believed the techno Camon mobiles have been created for the young people of today who usually follow the latest technological trends. The artificial intelligence algorithms that have been built in the two new phones are capable of doing a lot of things that previously would have seemed to be impossible.

This artificial intelligence that has been put in the new Camon smartphones camera will also elevate the selfies of the smartphone, and the selfie lovers would enjoy this new upgrade of the high end 26 or 16-megapixel front camera that has advanced with features that are intelligent.

The technology of the artificial intelligence also allows one to smartly create a high-quality self-portrait with the natural skin color as well as one can be able to optimize the image hence achieving brighter colors as well as the sharp contours. Thus the artificial intelligence technology can be said to capture mire beauty of a person.

As we have said, the cameras can improve self-portraits with the help of the beauty of artificial intelligence. This is possible because the smartphone can recognize opt 240 points on the face of the subject the deliver better beautification effects for the gender and age as well as the self-learning abilities based on the preferences of the user as well as added fun features.

It also supports the face unlock feature and also it is equipped with sturdy and adjustable front led flashlights which allow getting beautiful as well as realistic photos together with certain levels of flash that have been customized.