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Instagram Integrates a New Feature for Added Privacy Security

Instagram Integrates a New Feature for Added Privacy Security

When it comes to the usage of social media privacy is the primary concern because right now privacy is not taken into consideration by the users of social media thus it becomes an issue of personal life invasion.

This was ultimately taken into consideration by Instagram a photo-sharing app that eventually became a social media website and right now became one of the most visited sites in the world.

Because of the privacy concerns of the users of social media around the world not only Instagram but along with its counterparts, the developers of Instagram have developed a feature that will significantly help issues that are connected with privacy.

The feature is called the “Close Friends List” in which you have all the privilege to choose on who has the right to view your stories. In this way, you are protected from intruders and stalkers.

What Instagram has done is an excellent step to eventually giving protection to the legit users of social media to keep them away from identity thefts, harassments, and other unwanted stuff.

Because Instagram Stories is an easy way to express yourself and to share what is happening to your day to day life, but sometimes people become too abusive in using such necessity to the point that it becomes an opportunity for intruders to access your information to create such havoc on your life.

However, right now you do not have to worry anymore of someone invading your privacy because of this new feature.