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The Expectation for Apple 2019 Flagship iPhone

The Expectation for Apple 2019 Flagship iPhone

Even though Apply just unveiled its iPhone X series that includes iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr there are already rumors spreading on what is the next for the Apple’s best seller phone particularly in 2019.

It is rumored that the new iPhone series in 2019 will have no more available 3D touch already because they will include a new feature that will make the 3D feel obsolete.

The premium top of the line model of the next year’s iPhone is rumored to have three ultra-high definition camera lenses that will surely drop the jaw of the enthusiasts of the iPhone series.

The cameras on the 2019 model of iPhones will be focusing on the rear cameras, and each of the three cameras might reach a whopping 12 megapixels each with much emphasis on the zooming function.

With regards to its display, it is believed that the company will be using an OLED screen for their 2019 models which will replace its Liquid Retina Technology that they introduced earlier this year.

When it comes to design, there will be no significant change, but it will have a barcode-like with a variety of colors on its back. There are also some reports that are saying that more sensors will be put on them for a more precise touch.

But whatever features it will possess for the next year it is honestly sure that you must read a lot of cash because it will never come cheap and do not worry you have an ample of time left because it is rumored to come out early May of next year.