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The argument over whether America is facing a 'truck driver shortage' has embroiled the trucking industry for years. We asked 3 CEOs and 2 economists to settle the debate.

Nati Harnik/APTrucking executives say a driver shortage has slammed their industry for years. Truck drivers say they just need to be paid more.Everyone from CEOs to truck drivers to professors have argued about the existence of a “truck driver shortage” in the $800 billion trucking industry for years.Truck drivers say it doesn’t exist, while executives have consistently highlighted the truck driver shortage as one of their biggest problems. The American Trucking Associations estimated in 2019 that the US will be short 100,000 drivers in five years, and 160,000 drivers by 2028.To settle the debate, Business Insider asked three CEOs and two economists why the trucking labor market is broken, and how to fix it. Click here to read more BI Prime stories.America’s $800 billion trucking industry

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