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Aleafia Health Funded Study Finds Increase in Employment Among Epileptic Medical Cannabis Patients

The Study found a mild net improvement in employment after starting medical cannabis treatment, along with a reduction in unemployment and self-identified disability preventing employment. This is particularly notable as the vast majority of patients reported suffering from chronic illnesses, including pain, anxiety and depression, conditions which research indicates would ordinarily lead to a decrease in employment and labor force participation. Epileptic patients were the most likely to see improvements in their labor status.

“These findings serve both to motivate further medical research into the interactions of cannabis with a variety of medical conditions and pharmaceutical therapies, while also contributing to the public health debate over cannabis,” said study author Dr. Andrew Davis. “The improvement in the employment prospects of epileptic patients is particularly encouraging and merits further investigation by medical professionals. I would caution that only patients undergoing physician-led medical cannabis treatment were monitored, not individuals using cannabis recreationally or self-medicating.”

Dr. Davis leveraged Aleafia Health’s 10 million points medical cannabis patient dataset. The Company believes it maintains the world’s largest medical cannabis patient dataset and is deploying the data for unique insights in medical cannabis treatment and product development best practices. Dr. Davis has had an intermittent and unrelated consulting relationship with the Company.

Aleafia Health’s support for ongoing research efforts are aimed at developing evidence-based, proprietary treatment methods and products for chronic illnesses including pain, insomnia, anxiety and eating disorders. The Company recently supported a published study on medical cannabis patients using prescription benzodiazepines. It is currently undertaking an insomnia study in partnership with Cronos Group Inc.

“Alafia Health continues to treat a high volume of patients suffering from epilepsy and the results of this study further cement the conclusion that many of our physicians have already made regarding the effectiveness of medical professional cannabis care,” said Aleafia Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael Verbora. “We will continue to leverage our IP and leading cannabis data to further advance patient care through advanced treatment methods and specialized product development.”